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1. Registration on this forum is free and anyone who agrees with the rules below can register here. Therefore everyone must become acquainted with the rules before registration - they are binding on all registered users.

2. Any behavior or contribution that may be considered illegal is prohibited.

3. Insults, harassment and vulgar expressions on the forum and statements encouraging or referring to violence or hatred are strictly forbidden.

4. In all topics besides General Discussion it is forbidden to write posts and to provide links not related to IQRF wireless technology and products derived from it.

5. It is forbidden to include links to sites with warez content, pornography, political content sites. Any form of advertising and advertising is prohibited.

6. It is forbidden to place links to sites with warez content, pornography, political content or sites. In addition, it is forbidden to include links that can be considered as advertising or advertisements (such as sites of other companies, political parties, products ...). Own company webpage can be placed in a signature unless it violates any of the above rules.

7. It is forbidden to use an avatar containing an advertisement that incites or refers to violence or hatred or sexual motif. It is forbidden to use an avatar that is in conflict with any rule.

Contributions and topics infringing any of these rules may be edited, moved, closed, or deleted without notice. The user may be banned for a definite and an indefinite duration without warning.

The users' edits, edits, deletions, and posts are solely for administrators and forum moderators. If you have reservations to their work, try to resolve it first with a particular administrator or moderator. Only if a personal agreement fails, you can complain - moderators at administrators, administrators at IQRF Alliance.

Administrators, moderators, domain owners, server owners, and anyone else are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the IQRF forum and the following of the user's advices and instructions.

Changing the rules is reserved.

At the same time, we recommend that you read the How to Ask Properly and, if possible, follow it - you will save yourself huge amount of time and it will be solved faster.